Abandoned by political elites: Not even President #Trump can save the forgotten in California

Screenshot 2017-12-19 at 08.35.15Californians abandoned by the state’s political elites remain in a quagmire of despair

The share of Californians moving to a new location continued a steady decline in 2017, reaching a new post-World War II low, an indicator of a less mobile workforce that reflects both an aging society and economic problems facing younger workers.

The decline marked the fifth straight year in which the share of the population moving dropped. In 2017, the number fell to 11%, according to the Census Bureau. The level was nearly twice as high in 1985, 20%, but has fallen steadily, except for occasional cyclical zigzags, for the last three decades.

Thanks to President Trump, the job fortunes of young adults have improved after several difficult years following the Great Recession. However the Los Angeles Times reports that many are still living in their parents’ homes or stuck in apartments with multiple roommates.

Home prices continue to be unattainable, particularly in larger urban centers favored by young adults, also play a role. Builders have tended to bank on more-profitable, higher-priced houses or luxury apartments, and that’s helped exacerbate a shortage of affordable homes in many cities.

Gulags for the homeless, couch surfing for millennials. That’s how the elites roll in California.



One thought on “Abandoned by political elites: Not even President #Trump can save the forgotten in California

  1. But Yet.. These same citizens haven’t yet put two and two together to figure out that Jerry and his leftist thugs are the reason they cannot get ahead and are living on couches.. Keep voting for these creeps if you like the economic conditions that Jerry , and soon, Gavin are pushing for their ultra rich buddies. Now you know why blue states are hell holes.. Look no further than Jerry Brown and his party.


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