Crime wave explodes across #SanFrancisco

Screenshot 2017-12-28 at 08.20.55.png

Apparently there are two kinds of citizens in San Francisco, wealthy Leftist elites, and criminals. The San Francisco Examiner is reporting that crime continues to overrun the city.

The city has experienced a 26 percent increase in reported car break-ins so far this year despite all the attention city leaders have paid to the incessant problem, according to new numbers from police.

The most recent crime statistics available show that auto burglars broke into 25,617 vehicles by the end of October — 5,333 more than reported at that point in 2016, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

All this crime despite efforts from Police Chief Bill Scott, who in late August said he would disband an investigative unit assigned to reduce car break-ins and instead focus those department resources on prevention. So much for that theory.


One thought on “Crime wave explodes across #SanFrancisco

  1. You know darn well what the problem in San Fran is.. LIBERALISM folks.. It’s legalized madness. The entire city is a total poophole.. A quick run down shows us that sancturay city policies are enabling illegal alien criminals to hide there.. VERY lenient judges, drug use, Cops who are attacked for doing their jobs and a ” Anything
    Goes ” attitude is resulting in well… ANACHARY. You voted for this by electing the crackpots that are running this city and all the other DemoRat occupied cities straight into the ground with asinine politcal policies that promote lawlessness and mayhem. The Chief might as well go home. There isn’t going to be any change in this massive criminal operation until the crarzies running San Fran finally figure out that their ideas on social engineering don’t work.. That ain’t going to be happening any time soon. !!!!!


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