Ignoring the real issues, #TomSteyer pumps millions into lame impeachment scam

Screenshot 2017-12-28 at 08.35.27.pngYou live in California, but you don’t have a home. Your student loans are a debt you can never repay,  you’re addicted to opioids, and your community is overwhelmed by a tsunami of crime.

Don’t worry, Tom Steyer has an idea that will take your mind off all of your problems….impeach President Trump.

According to POLITICO, when the billionaire Democratic donor Steyer launched a digital petition drive to impeach President Donald Trump two months ago, some Democratic Party leaders dismissed it as an unhelpful vanity project — and even Steyer thought he’d top out at a million signatures.

But nearly 4 million digital signatures later, the philanthropist and environmental activist’s unlikely campaign has seized on an issue — impeaching Trump — that could become part of the Democratic mainstream in 2018.

It’s placed at his fingertips a potentially powerful tool: an email list of millions of motivated activists whom he can reach instantly for organizing and fundraising and that could become the hottest trove of data in Democratic politics since the email list that Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign against Hillary Clinton collected in 2016.

Steyer’s digital success is fueling intense curiosity about what he’ll do with that tool in the future — and whether he’ll use it beyond his California base, for a White House bid of his own.

Hate campaigns have been popular with California Republicans for decades….now it appears the Democrats are catching up.


One thought on “Ignoring the real issues, #TomSteyer pumps millions into lame impeachment scam

  1. Ask San Fran Nan about this and she and her feloow Marxists in the House ALL say thatthis is a very bad idea. They know that this will backfire on them .. Big League.


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