#Leftists target whites in #Nevada in their relentless attack on America

Screenshot 2017-12-28 at 07.45.26.png

Hatred of President Trump, despite all of his success, will remain the Democrat’s theme for 2018.

Now, Leftists at the Los Angeles Times are hoping that white college graduates in America’s suburbs will hard against Republicans in elections around the country and threaten to upend the party’s control of Congress in the 2018 midterm elections.

Supposedly put off by Donald Trump’s presidency, they have been shunning Republicans in congressional and state legislative contests. Their support was crucial in electing Democrats as governor in Virginia and U.S. senator in conservative Alabama.

Republican hopes for keeping control of the U.S. Senate next year will hinge on affluent, mainly white suburbs like Summerlin, Nev., where Trump’s alleged unpopularity is weighing on GOP Sen. Dean Heller in his run for reelection.

To the violent Left, it’s an open question whether the Republican Party — encumbered by Trump’s often racially charged cultural appeals to blue-collar voters — has repelled well-educated whites for the long term. To normal people Heller is a good guy.


One thought on “#Leftists target whites in #Nevada in their relentless attack on America

  1. Lets be very clear for a moment.. The Virginia race was a BLUE State win.. They won their own state .. The media keeps blowing this one way out of poportion..AL was just a terible canidate. Thats it.. The hate and rage has, and IS turning offf many voters and Trumps policies are turning America around back into powerhouse again.. Lots of Hype… not happening.. What do the DemoRats have to offer.. We want to tax you more.. We want our Open Borders back, we want to release MORE flippin criminals.. Thats what they are offering besides HATE !!..


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