Sex criminal #UC Regent #NormPattiz resigns in disgrace…he should be in jail

Screenshot 2017-12-29 at 07.26.38.pngUniversity of California Regent Norm Pattiz, who was recorded last year asking an actress at his podcast company if he could hold her breasts and had recently been pressured to leave the board, will step down in February according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

As expected, the board took no action against Pattiz when the recording surfaced in October 2016 because he wasn’t conducting UC business at the time, said the regents, whose job includes holding UC faculty and executives accountable for sexual misconduct. The regents have since changed their policy so that alleged outside misconduct can trigger an investigation.

Everyone knows the UC regents are nothing more than a criminal enterprise posing as leaders of an institution for higher learning.

Student protesters demanded his resignation, UC employees threatened a constitutional amendment to make it possible to fire a regent, and three fellow regents raised the matter again with board Chair George Kieffer.

In his resignation letter to Kieffer, the feckless Pattiz did not mention the sexual harassment accusation but said it was time to retire after 16 years on the board.

Kieffer accepted Pattiz’s decision, saying, “After so many years you deserve a break.”

Avoiding prosecution for sex crimes is certainly a break. Just the kind we’d expect from the UC regents.



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