Instead of winning elections, California Republicans bleat about election rules

Screenshot 2017-12-30 at 07.31.01.pngRather than focus on winning elections by recruiting quality candidates who have a message that resonates with voters, California Republicans continue to bleat like sheep about election rules.

As if changing the rule would make them any less irrelevant in California policy-making.

That explain’s Jon Coupal’s latest hand-wringing in the Orange County Register.

Coupal writes that “failing to learn the lessons of the past, the Legislature and the governor decided to change the rules for recall elections, enacting SB96 as a last-minute budget “trailer” bill.”

Coupal’s meal ticket, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association sued to get SB96 overturned as unconstitutional.

So the Democrats who dominate the Legislature simply passed a new law, SB117, that worked around the judge’s objections and reinstated the new recall procedures.

As a result, lazy California Republicans lose again.



One thought on “Instead of winning elections, California Republicans bleat about election rules

  1. It’s NOT The Repubs, It’s the criminaly corrupt Jerry Brown and his thug Socialist party that keep changing the rules when it looks like they are going to have to play fair. and they could lose.. It isn’t the Repubs who are responsible for the Neo Socialists DemoRats for losing their Super MAjority Status.. Four of them had to quit as they were outed as sex criminals. Then…when they lost their Super Majority Status again about 6 years ago, it was because machine Gun Lee and Shrimp Boy , and four other Dem’s were nailed for criminal corruption, building machine guns to export, and bribey. I wouldn’t be blaming the Repubs for wanting FAIR elections. The entire articles focus is misplaced. You have a criminal Party ruining the great State and using it and it’s citizens as an ATM machine for criminal enterprises and payoffs. Kaly is now the west coast version of the DemoRats dream of Venezula and all of it’s masive failures.. Yes, open and FAIR elections would be a breath of fresh air. Not the garbage stink of DemoRat mafia style corruption and mayhem.


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