Immigrants jailed in the Otay Mesa Detention Center are used for slave labor

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Immigrants in detention in San Diego are suing a private prison company, alleging exploitation and forced labor that their attorneys say breaks human trafficking laws.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the class-action lawsuit, filed Wednesday in San Diego federal court, alleges that immigrants at Otay Mesa Detention Center are paid at most $1.50 per day, and sometimes not paid at all, for their work as kitchen staff, janitors, barbers and various other roles.

It further alleges that the facility doesn’t provide all of the basic necessities that detainees need for daily life, like soap, which means they have to work in order to buy those items at the commissary.

Sometimes, the lawsuit says, facility staff threatened to put detainees in solitary confinement or take away visitation rights if they said they didn’t want to work.

CoreCivic, the company that contracts with the government to operate the facility, said that it does not comment on pending litigation and has not yet been served with the lawsuit.


One thought on “Immigrants jailed in the Otay Mesa Detention Center are used for slave labor

  1. Oh.. you mean border busting illegals are now crabing that they have to do work or sit on their reas doing nothing.. Folks, this is an old ploy by far left lawyers to tie everything up and gettheir scumbag clinets out before they can be deported.. Don’t believe it.. They’re trying to get them out and back on the welfare rolls.


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