Someday #white #elites and the #poor will be all that’s left in #California

Screenshot 2017-12-31 at 09.38.34.pngWhite elites are doing great in California, making billions, living on the beach, and being served by the poor who muddle along in their third-world, lifestyle.

It’s only going to get better for the elites as those pesky middle-class bots continue to flee the state.  No more clogged freeways, no more common folk “trespassing” on their beaches.

According to the Fresno Bee, two new reports on population trends show that California loses more people to other states each year than it gains. The exodus from the state has been growing, thanks to high housing prices, taxes and other costs of living.

Soaring housing costs are a major reason for the outflow of the young—with Texas their No. 1 destination Half of Texas’ growth was from migration, including an 80,000-person net increase from other states such as California.

California’s neighboring states in the West all were among the nation’s fastest-growing, including No. 1 Idaho, No. 2 Nevada, No. 3 Utah and No. 4 Washington. Arizona and Oregon were also in the top 10, along with Colorado and Texas.




One thought on “Someday #white #elites and the #poor will be all that’s left in #California

  1. Bingo.. we’re getting ready to move out of this Loser state.. I refuse to speak mexican, and there are now so many illegals and immigrants that Public Schools, ( really indoctrination Centers ) have become the Biblical Tower of Babble .. Take the cash from your home and leave. The weather and the landscapes are the only thing left of a once beautiful and forward thinking state, thanks to Jerry Brown and his voters who aren’t going to get it until they have a west coast Venezula and then.. it’s too late !!!


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