California Republicans bleat about pensions, spending…then do nothing

Screenshot 2018-01-02 at 08.06.13.pngOMG! OMG! They’re coming for Prop. 13!!

According to the bleating Republicans at the Orange County Register, an effort is underway to persuade voters to “reform” Proposition 13 and raise property taxes.

“The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2018” was filed in mid-December with the attorney general’s office. It aims to raise $11 billion per year by removing Prop. 13 protections from industrial and commercial properties, reassessing them based on the unrealized, paper profits from rising real estate values.

According to the Register, it is reckless to impose a massive tax increase on nearly all California businesses, simultaneously and repeatedly.

They say that if raising taxes was the solution to every problem, California would have no problems. The Golden State boasts the nation’s highest income tax rate and sales tax rate, and we’re within an eyelash of defeating Pennsylvania for the title of highest gas taxes.

You’d think that by now these bleating hearts would figure out that the way to change California’s tax policy is by winning elections and controlling the legislature and the governor’s office.

That’s too much like work for this crowd. Bleating is so much easier and makes them feel so good.


One thought on “California Republicans bleat about pensions, spending…then do nothing

  1. In reality, there’s LITTLE that the Repubs can do to stop this slow motion Seattle style train wreck thats is under way here. The Voter Fraud is off the hook, Jerry and his thugs control everything, including the Courts top to bottom. Part of this mess is directly related to the GoP sitting on it’s hands crying instead of doing what launched President Trump into office. They could hold pressers, point and NAME the criminals in the demoRat party who are flamin corrupt. Point WHY Dem Socialist Policies are destroying the families and economy of a state that used to be a leader of just about everything in America. This would be dirt simple to start taking Trump style war to an easily exposed criminal operation run by Jerry and soon.. Gavin. That would require new ideas and a balls to the wall agenda to take these criminals head -on. They’re not there yet and unless they stop re-electing the bums in their party to top spots who are directly responsible for their irrelevance, nothing will change. If the Dem’s do get Prop 13 changed to attack business, the flight to flee the new west coast version
    of Venezula will become a stampede. It’s becoming very clear what the hard core commuists in the Dem party are angling for. Their own country within a country and communism financed off other states.


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