Professor explains why elites steal from us

Everyone knows that the elites who run our country are pretty much crooked. Yup, the system is rigged, we all know it.

Screenshot 2018-01-02 at 08.19.55A San Diego State University professor’s recently released research paper finds people with high opinions of themselves have a different perception of ethics than others.

They’re more likely to be OK with taking office supplies, borrowing from the cash register without asking and writing off personal dinners as company expenses, SDSU professor Valerie Alexandra found.

“There’s a lot of conversation about how our societies are becoming more cynical,” said Alexandra, an assistant professor of management at the Fowler College of Business at SDSU.

“People who are cynical have negative attitudes toward other people. They’re frustrated with social institutions, and so I looked at these beliefs and found those people who believe in social cynicism also support social inequality.”

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that her findings were published in December in the Journal of Business Ethics as part of a paper she wrote with researchers from Portugal and Russia, her native country.


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