California Department of Public Health targets cell phones

Screenshot 2018-01-03 at 08.49.14.pngSmartphone use continues to increase in the U.S., especially among children, and the health department said some people and health professionals have concerns about the radio frequency energy emitted from cell phones.

Despite the fact that the scientific community has not reached a consensus on the risks of cell phone use, the Fresno Bee reports that the California Department of Public Health says research suggests long-term, extensive use may affect health.

Other tips for reducing exposure to radio frequency energy from cellphones: Keeping the phone away from the body, reducing cellphone use when the signal is weak, reducing the use of cellphones to stream audio or video or to download or upload large files, keeping the phone away from the bed at night, removing headsets when not on a call, and avoiding products that claim to block radio frequency energy because they may actually increase your exposure.

Expect to see Sacramento take action on this as the new legislative year begins.



One comment

  1. Ahhh yes.. The Dem’s looking to solve another problem with more government, Regulations and taxes. Is there anything that they aren’t willing to regulate into oblivion or destroy with their insane quest for Utopia. Kalfornia used to be one until they seized power 30 years ago.. Now… The West Coast State of Venezula with all it’s pleasures and wonders !!


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