DMV to begin issuing new identity papers

downloadYour papers please.

California faces a deadline to be compliant with the REAL ID act later this year – a deadline the state is expected to meet well ahead of time – but the cards won’t be required for boarding flights or entering high-risk security areas until Oct. 1, 2020.

KXTV-TV reports that starting Jan. 22, California residents can apply to the DMV for a REAL ID card. Application for the card requires an in-person visit with documents in hand to prove identity, social security number, California residency and, if they apply, name-change documents such as court decree or marriage license.

Of course, the government says the REAL ID is optional, but Californians who plan to fly to other states would be well-served in getting one.


One thought on “DMV to begin issuing new identity papers

  1. Will the Illegals be bringing in their FALSE ID’S and stolen SS cards .. and will Jerrry’s crooked DMV ignore the huge security violations like his Administration has done with his Sancturay State scam and endanger the rest of us in the nation like he’s so fond of doing.


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