Democrat Ted Rusk doesn’t hate President Trump

Screenshot 2018-01-04 at 07.36.10.pngTed Rusk doesn’t hate President Trump.

Rusk? According to the Orange County Register, he may be one of six Democrats challenging Rep. Ed Royce, R-Yorba Linda, but he’s the only candidate who promises — as a protest — to not to vote on any bill, instead using media interviews to promote his views that Congress is dysfunctional and overly influenced by special interests. His criticism includes Democrats on Capitol Hill.

“These Dems from NYC and SF suck!” he said via email. “They ain’t got a lick of sense! They are old. They are sell-outs and they need to retire so we can close the border, bring our jobs back, end the war and get some real, honest-to-god socialized medicine!”

And from his campaign website: “I joined this party of ‘love and inclusion’ but for the last few years I have seen nothing but hatred and division.”

He thinks D.C. Democrats should help give President Donald Trump the border wall he wants in exchange for amnesty for those in the country illegally, provided they haven’t been convicted of crimes. He agrees with Trump that U.S. trade policies have cost the country well-paying factory jobs.

“Now we hate the president so much that we won’t even consider any of his ideas are any good because his personality sucks and he belongs to the other party,” he says on his website.

Good luck with that Mr. Rusk.


One thought on “Democrat Ted Rusk doesn’t hate President Trump

  1. A charlatan folks. IF .. and thats a big IF.. were he to win, within moments he would be in San Fran Nan’s office getting to get his ” Head Right” and soon, he would sound just tlike your run of the mill standard Socialist demorat. Another BS line from a wanna be Rep.


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