Is the drought back?

Screenshot 2018-01-04 at 07.41.35.pngSome bad news from the Mercury News….the drought might be back.

State surveyors in the Sierra Nevada delivered some disheartening news on Wednesday: The snowpack is far below average for this time of year.

In an anxiously watched rite of winter, state Department of Water Resources surveyor Frank Gehrke weighed a tube of snow at Echo Summit and found it held less than a half inch of water, about 3 percent of the historical average for the site.

To get to the site, he walked a barren landscape, where the average snowpack is typically 11.3 inches.  He found an average of 0.4 inches.

Department of Water Resources Director Grant Davis said. “California’s great weather variability means we can go straight from a dry year to a wet year and back again to dry.”

More representative than a survey at a single location, however, are the state’s latest electronic readings from 103 sites scattered throughout the Sierra.

They’re also disappointing.


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