Crybaby conservatives bleat about marijuana ad

Screenshot 2018-01-05 at 17.31.14The California Office of Traffic Safety has pulled a public service advertisement that was intended to stop stoned driving but lame conservative critics said promoted marijuana use.

The office joined with law enforcement leaders last week to announce a marketing campaign called “DUI Doesn’t Just Mean Booze,” which included the controversial advertisement. The campaign was timed to coincide with the start of recreational weed sales in California on Jan. 1.

The first 20 seconds of the 30-second ad features people talking about why they use marijuana before they say they don’t drive after consuming cannabis.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the advertisement drew complaints on social media, including from conservative political consultant, Rob Stutzman.

He tweeted: “This CA taxpayer funded PSA spends most air time normalizing/promoting pot use before saying don’t drive stoned. Imagine same extolling virtues of alcohol? This is is absurd, @JerryBrownGov should nix this.”

Boo hoo hoo!

Memo to Republicans, you lost another political battle and now marijuana is legal. Grow up, and deal with it.



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