Pakistan joins the elite media in attacking America, President Trump

Screenshot 2018-01-06 at 08.40.53.png

It’s not like we’ve never heard “Death to America,” spilling out of the mouths of frenzied Islamics before. So this is really nothing new, especially coming from the people who provided a safe haven for Osama bin Laden.

These Islamics have new friends in the elite media, who have been relentlessly attacking the President at every turn.

The East Bay Times gleefully reports that amid loud opposition calls for retaliation, Pakistani officials on Friday decried “arbitrary deadlines” and “unilateral pronouncements” after the Trump administration suspended an estimated $1 billion in military assistance.

In one of the harshest actions in years between the troubled allies, the Trump administration moved to block the military aid at the end of a contentious week that began with the president accusing the Pakistanis of years of “lies & deceit.”

State Department officials said they are holding back the aid as an incentive for Pakistan to take “decisive action” to rid its lands of terrorist safe havens. It also placed country on a watch list of countries failing to protect religious freedom.

Most reasonable Americans of course believe we shouldn’t be helping these cold-blooded killers at all.


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