Psycho white guy held-up an Amtrak train so ke could kill black people

Screenshot 2018-01-06 at 08.59.29.png

According to the East Bay Times, the FBI said an armed man who stopped an Amtrak train last year had ties with a white-supremacist group and had expressed a desire to kill black people, according to court documents unsealed this week.

The man – 26-year-old Taylor M. Wilson of St. Charles, Missouri – has been charged with a terrorist attack and other violence against a railroad carrier or other mass-transportation system, a federal crime.

What a psycho!

Apparently Wilson had joined a neo-Nazi group he found while researching white-supremacist groups online. Wilson had demonstrated his interest in killing black people and had traveled to Charlottesville when white supremacists marched on that city in August, two months before the Amtrak incident.

Quick thinking by the Amtrak crew and local law enforcement stopped this whack-job before anyone was hurt. Well done.


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