“A Day Without a Mexican” may be here sooner than you think

Screenshot 2018-01-07 at 07.39.56.pngFor generations, rural Mexico has been the primary source of hired farm labor in the U.S.

The Sacramento Bee reports that according to a federal survey, nine out of 10 agricultural workers in places like California are foreign-born, and more than half are in the U.S. illegally.

But farm labor from Mexico has been declining in California. Many in the agricultural industry worry that deportations – and the fear of them – could further cut the supply of workers.

But try as they have to entice workers with better salaries and benefits, companies have found it impossible to attract enough U.S.-born workers to make up for a shortage from south of the border.

American born workers can’t handle the work. Most don’t last long.  They show up for three or four days and turn around and leave.

The number of farmworkers coming out of rural Mexico is decreasing by an estimated 150,000 a year. That means U.S. and Mexican farmers will have to increasingly compete for a dwindling pool of labor.


2 thoughts on ““A Day Without a Mexican” may be here sooner than you think

  1. OR.. a guest worker program were they tag these guys with a Bio chip so they can find them and return to mexico after the work is finished. Jerry loves these guys as they always signed for his welfare for votes scam.
    The machines are now doing the majority of the work, so we really don’t need that many.


  2. A day without mexicans.. Imagine….. No crime.. Schools start to function again. Hit & Runs drop by 90%. The drug dealers run out of drugs to sell.. Yes, I can imagine this wonderland were everything in kaly returns to sanity and voting actually becomes meaningful again.


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