An obviously clueless Duncan Hunter taunts the Department of Justice

Screenshot 2018-01-07 at 07.57.31Rep. Duncan Hunter says the Department of Justice needs to make its move on the ongoing investigation into how some of his campaign finances were spent.

“It’s concerning that it has taken so long,” Hunter, R-Alpine, said in a television interview broadcast on KUSI.

“I think that the Department of Justice is somewhat biased. There are individuals there, they like to make big cases, they like to do big things, it makes a name for them. I think that the longer they drag this out, the worse it is for me, and they know that. So let’s just get it over with,” Hunter said.

Hunter should be careful about what he wishes for. The FBI is investigating Hunter’s campaign funds after inquiries by the Federal Election Commission and the San Diego Union-Tribune revealed that contributions may have been spent improperly on video games, oral surgery, groceries, garage door repair, surfing equipment, dance recital trips, school lunches and other potentially personal expenses.


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