Marijuana retailers stress law enforcement

Screenshot 2018-01-07 at 07.16.51.pngSince federal regulations prevent banks from accepting marijuana-related funds, California’s legal weed industry is cash-only. With sales booming, safely storing and transporting stacks of greenbacks has become a potentially-dangerous headache.

Dispensaries are “high target,” Valerie Dovifaaz told the San Diego Union-Tribune, an account manager with MPS, a Murrieta security firm with marijuana clients in California and Colorado.

“They’re vulnerable because they have a lot of cash on the premises the whole time and the product itself is quite valuable.”

While armed guards and overhead video cameras are common at Southern California pot shops, Bert Gines frets that these measures are more surface than substance.

“They are not taking it seriously,” said Gines, owner of Chula Vista Private Security. “They don’t realize the serious threat because their mind is on a million things while they get a business off the ground.”



One thought on “Marijuana retailers stress law enforcement

  1. How come…. Orygun’s dispensries .. don’t have armed guards outside and inside.. They are quite pleasant to visit.. Kaly is in a state of mayhem and chaos 24-7… Maybe because the population is allowed to carry concealed weapons tends to keep the criminals in line. It’s just a matter of time before some black or mexican gang decides to rip off a dispensary and kill the staff before this will become a reality. Look at the berekely dispensary.. Heavy chain gates with iron bars surrounding the building.. Do people actually feel safe in these places. ??


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