RecycleLA jacks up rates, screws customers

Screenshot 2018-01-07 at 07.19.25L.A.’s commercial-trash customers have filed more than 28,000 reports of missed collections since July, the latest sign of a turbulent roll-out for the city’s new recycling program.

The numbers, compiled by the Bureau of Sanitation and provided to the Los Angeles Times, show that RecycLA has been seeing significant month-to-month increases in garbage pickup complaints.

Since its debut, Mayor Eric Garcetti has promoted the program — which gives seven companies the exclusive right to pick up trash and recycling at roughly 70,000 businesses, large apartment buildings and condominium complexes — as a way to boost recycling, take high-polluting trash trucks off the road and improve conditions of refuse workers.

At the same time, however, trash bills have soared for some customers, many of whom are being charged extra when haulers open locked gates or pull bins longer distances to the curb. City inspectors have identified hundreds of inaccurate charges. And refuse company executives have been at odds with sanitation officials over how trash bills are calculated.



One thought on “RecycleLA jacks up rates, screws customers

  1. The dirty secret is that over HALF of the recycling companies have CLOSED in Kalyfornia , so were is this stuff going to.. Then .. and this is a biggie.. The Chi-Comms have refused to take any more of our re-cycled bottles, plastics etc. They have ended sending our garbage to them.. SO.. why are they still running the re-cycling scam. More tax moniey flushed straight to the Pacific. Anything Da Mayor touches turns to corruption.


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