Struggling to remain relevant, Doug Ose announces run for governor

Screenshot 2018-01-07 at 07.25.30.pngFormer Northern California Rep. Doug Ose jumped into the race Friday, becoming the third minor Republican player in an already crowded field of Democrats who can actually win.

The Los Angeles Times reports this is good news for Democrat Gavin Newsom’s chief Democratic rival, Antonio Villaraigosa.

The former mayor of Los Angeles trails Newsom in the polls but is far ahead of the rest of the field. He only has to finish second in June to advance to the November election.

Republicans, who have evolved into political losers in California, already find themselves at a major disadvantage in voter registration, trailing Democrats by nearly 19 percentage points, giving the candidates a smaller pie to split.

Ose just made their plight that much worse.

A wealthy real estate developer, Ose represented the white political elite. So he offers little to the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill and people of color. Or middle-class working Californians struggling with mounting healthcare bills and sky-high mortgages.

In the end, California Republicans are facing the uncomfortable truth that no GOP candidate has won a statewide election in California for over a decade.



One thought on “Struggling to remain relevant, Doug Ose announces run for governor

  1. and lets not forget the corruption that every one of the demoRats running represent.. Tony the jackal is as corrupt as they come. Gavin is owned by the SIlicon Valley and Big Business boys. Ose would a breath of fresh air among the REAL losers in the Dem party running to steal even more of the middle classes declining wealth.. Move.. It;s really the only solution.


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