Criminals running wild in San Francisco

Screenshot 2018-01-08 at 07.10.38Criminals are running wild in San Francisco. Crime has become so bad that the San Francisco Police Department will begin assigning officers in its district stations this week to focus exclusively on combating property crimes like car break-ins. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 2017 was the worst year on record for such crimes in the city.

The new strategy is the latest in a series of efforts to quell an explosion of auto burglaries that has riled residents and city officials.

Last year saw more than 30,000 car break-ins in San Francisco, a 24 percent spike from 2016, which was already at epidemic levels, according to new end-of-the-year data provided by the Police Department. Arrest rates for auto burglaries, meanwhile, have dropped and remain well under 2 percent.


One thought on “Criminals running wild in San Francisco

  1. Geezz.. I wonder if the sanctuary status has anything to do with the crime rate.. Hhmmm.. maybe stuff like releasing a illegal alien KILLER and getting him off , scott free,.. sends a message to the other crooks that crime pays in San Fran Nan’s poophole by the bay.. nnaahhh.. not possible..


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