Exxon sues California cities over climate change scheme

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Oil giant ExxonMobil has launched a counterpunch to the lawsuits filed by San Francisco and other communities that seek damages for climate change, alleging that the California jurisdictions conspired to vilify and taunt the oil industry.

In a court filing submitted Monday, the Texas-based company said the California communities quietly met in La Jolla six years ago to concoct plans to use government investigations and legal action to force oil producers to respond to climate change.

The document said the so-called La Jolla playbook was politically motivated and an abuse of power. It said that if the communities were genuinely concerned about the costs of climate change in their jurisdictions they would have disclosed the threat in their bond reports, which they did not do, according to the filing.

Seven cities and counties filed lawsuits last year against ExxonMobil and other big oil companies, demanding they pay billions to cover losses from rising seas. The suits say fossil-fuel production is responsible for climate change and its consequences and that industry officials went so far as trying to cover up their impact.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the California communities targeted by the filing, though, were quick to call the company’s action an effort to distract from the issue and an abuse of the legal process.


One thought on “Exxon sues California cities over climate change scheme

  1. Good news indeed. It’s about time that the companies fight and go after counties and cities like Marin, San Fran and others who ABUSE their government authority for political purposes to advance their agenda. It’s time that they spend millions defending themselves in court and soon will be taught a hard, real-life lesson.. Oil companies have a heck of lot MORE money than these starving, debt-ridden counties have, who are trying to line their pockets with other peoples money. I hope they get taken to the cleaners by EXXON !!!


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