Lawmakers request $10 million in state funds for Salvadorans facing deportation

California lawmakers will request $10 million in state funds to help Salvadorans facing deportation in wake of Trump actions to repatriate immigrants here illegally.

Assembly members Miguel Santiago and Wendy Carrillo, both Democrats from Los Angeles, say they plan to make the request through legislation this week, as Gov. Jerry Brown prepares to unveil this year’s state budget on Wednesday.

Screenshot 2018-01-09 at 08.33.49.pngThe Los Angeles Times says the funds would go to aid Salvadorans covered by “temporary protected status,” and who have until Sept. 9, 2019, to apply for alternative legal means of staying in the country or face removal.

State lawmakers last year approved $65 million in a state budget plan to expand legal services for immigrants, a response to the Trump administration’s call to increase deportations.

The funds, an ongoing allocation through 2020, will go to a coalition of legal services agencies, immigrant rights groups and faith-based organizations called One California.

Trump administration officials on Monday said they were rolling back protections for Salvadorans as conditions in El Salvador have improved markedly since 2001, when the George W. Bush administration first made the special protections available in the wake of two earthquakes that devastated the Central American country.


One thought on “Lawmakers request $10 million in state funds for Salvadorans facing deportation

  1. See folks, Jerry and his Sacto Thugs have Oodles of our money to flush down the toilet to protect their voting block. This is a GROSS misuse of public funds .. yet these same demoRat Marxist creeps demand more and more taxes. They were NEVER going to be TEMPORARY. President Oprah can open her multi-million $$ wallet and fund this BS.. NOT the Taxpayers.


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