Obamacare continues to implode, putting children’s lives at risk

Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 06.30.20Obamacare continues to implode putting the very lives of some children at risk. Congress continues to ignore President Trumps demand to repeal and replace the failed program with a healthcare system that works. Insurance companies continue to make billions of dollars in profits.

As a result, according to the Los Angeles Times, roughly 9 million children nationwide are covered by the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, a government health plan created for kids of working families. What keeps their parents up at night are warnings the program may be suspended because the feckless dolts in Congress have failed since Sept. 30 to pass a measure to reauthorize it.

And although lawmakers passed a stopgap before Christmas, several states that have warned parents the program could close as soon as next month.

In many states, health officials say they are being inundated with calls from panicked parents trying to figure out what to do. “Our phones are ringing off the walls,” Cathy Caldwell, Alabama’s CHIP director, said last month.

The bottom line remains: Healthcare in America is designed to generate profits for the insurance industry, not take care of sick Americans.


One thought on “Obamacare continues to implode, putting children’s lives at risk

  1. OR.. these same parents could actually PAY for their kids’ care. We had to get a 2nd job for 7 years to make sure my children had care.. Get off your butts and care for your kids.. The government ain’t very good at caring for anyone.


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