Police State targets marijuana users, drivers

Screenshot 2018-01-12 at 05.38.42The Mercury News reports that in the wake of recent legalization of cannabis sales in California, state law enforcement’s message is clear: Drive high, get a DUI.

But unlike alcohol, which has a .08 percent blood alcohol limit in the state, there is no chemical threshold to mark marijuana impairment for drivers in California.

Instead, prosecution for driving under the influence of weed rests almost entirely on patrol officer-observed signs and symptoms, and exams made by specially trained drug-recognition officers after an arrest.

Without a threshold, cannabis DUI cases can be more difficult to prosecute than a DUI for drinking.


This drives the Police State crazy. They just want a really easy way to arrest more people.


One thought on “Police State targets marijuana users, drivers

  1. It would be your word against theirs.. There are many reasons why you could look stoned. Cold Meds, your Sick, Allergies etc. Carry Visine !!


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