Antonio Villaraigosa runs all over Gavin Newsom in first debate

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Six candidates for California governor clashed over health care, education and immigration issues in the first major debate of 2018 on Saturday morning at USC. The Daily News reported that the lively debate frequently pitted Gavin Newsom against everyone else.

Being a white elite is starting to catch up with Newsom. Although the front-runner in public-opinion polls, he faced well deserved criticism from fellow Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa.

Throughout the debate, Villaraigosa out-shined the pack.

The worst moment for Newsom came in the form of a punishing blow from Villaraigosa over the poor results of African American students in San Francisco schools.

Touting improvements in L.A. school graduation rates when he was mayor, Villaraigosa said the next governor must treat minorities’ lower graduation rates as “the civil rights issue of our time, the economic issue of our time.” He said San Francisco County “is the worst county for African American students in this state.”

Polls have shown about 30 percent of California voters undecided about whom to support, and Newsom and Villaraigosa first and second among voters who have a preference.



One thought on “Antonio Villaraigosa runs all over Gavin Newsom in first debate

  1. Tony the Jackel or Gavin…let me see.. I’m going to have to think about that one.. Since High schoolers in LA have a 45% Grad rate and 50% pass with a “D” average.. I’m not sure whayTony thinks his accomplishment are..
    It sure sounds like he’s talking… TAX HIKE folks.. With 40% of the Kaly budget.. by law going for schools, only the unions will be getting the cash.. You really should flee while you can. !!! All of them are democrat criminals.


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