Border security means the free ride for some is over

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Leftists are freaking out about an intense new GOP drive to restrict legal immigration, which currently admits 1.2 million people to the United States each year. That’s a lot.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the administration is negotiating limits on two visa categories in exchange for providing legal status to roughly 700,000 young immigrants known as “Dreamers” who arrived in the country as children without authorization.

Secure borders and a deal for Dreamers…to normal people, this sounds reasonable.

Open border Leftists are pushing “family-based” visas that have become  a major immigration path for Africans….and the associated terrorists in those countries.

Some come for the free money, others come to kill.


One thought on “Border security means the free ride for some is over

  1. Just look at the shithole deal that the Gang of 6 tried to pawn off on President Trump. Increased levels of immigrants, bring in ALL families, CRIMES committed by Dreamers will be forgiven. WTF…. more visas and the kicker. NO internal security money, as once they blow past the border guards.. They would be home free. No money for e-verify etc.. It had better be a darn good deal to let another 700,000 demorat voters in legally.. We can remove that many here that are illegal and it will round out nicely as a zero-sum game.


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