“Just because you legalize marijuana doesn’t mean the black market goes away”

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The Police State continues to maneuver for more power under California’s new marijuana law.

The Fresno Bee reports that police Chief Jerry Dyer has forecast a rise in drug-related crime in the city with the advent of legalized marijuana in the new year.

The chief, speaking after a monthly review of crime statistics with his command staff, said more marijuana and more cash flowing from the sale of the weed will lead directly to ripoffs of both.

“We are going to see increasing crime related to marijuana – we already have,” said Dyer, referring to the shooting in northeast Fresno of a man and woman on Friday, which he said was related to the theft of marijuana.

“Any time you have narcotics – whether marijuana, heroin or methamphetamine – there is going to be violence associated with it. We are going to have follow-home robberies.

“Just because you legalize marijuana doesn’t mean the black market goes away, because the demand grows.”

Dyer obviously hates the idea that you now have a new right to possess and use marijuana. It’s how the Police State rolls.



2 thoughts on ““Just because you legalize marijuana doesn’t mean the black market goes away”

  1. Well.. he’s correct of course.. This is Kaly.. Drugs gangs are encourged here as they let them go. The wild west has returned to Kaly.The black market reefer is CHEAPER and just as good as the reefer thatis legally grown. The gangs will find out were indoor grows are and you betcha they will be robbing and killing of it. It’ soon going to become a very violent place with the cops devoting more of their precious time to this type f crime.


  2. Some of our police officials are corrupt and afraid of cannabis legalization. What bothers them is losing the soft targets cannabis users provide and the money from federal grants and personal property they’ve wrongly confiscated. These cops are addicted to that money and scared witless of losing it. To act as though legalization of recreational Cannabis is going to cause a huge increase in use is just more Reefer Madness stupidity. Citizens will continue to use cannabis regardless of legality in about the same numbers.


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