Latinos go after Kevin McCarthy

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Kevin McCarthy had a choice…and he chose to stand against California’s Latino community.

Luis Galvan, 20, enjoyed a moment of triumph in late October when he boarded a plane for the first time and flew to Indianapolis to receive his Future Farmers of America degree, a prestigious certificate of achievement in the world of agriculture. Galvan was proud that all his grueling work with livestock and crops had paid off.

But his euphoria was short-lived.

The Bakersfield Californian reports that when Galvan got home he tore open an envelope waiting for him from the Department of Homeland Security. It was crushing news: He had submitted his application to renew a vital work permit for young immigrants known as “Dreamers” in plenty of time, along with a renewal fee. He received a notice back that there was a snafu over a $495 scholarship check he had submitted to pay the fee, and he promptly followed instructions to correct that. But now, this second, final notice told him his application was rejected for being late.

If Galvan can’t appeal the rejection, his work permit is set to expire Jan. 15. That would jeopardize his job tutoring junior high kids. It would affect his studies at college. It could even lead to him being deported.

The work permit Galvan holds stems from his status as a recipient of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program whose fate rests, in no small part, in Kevin McCarthy’s hands.

McCarthy declined an interview. He’s no friend of Latinos in California. Remember that.



One thought on “Latinos go after Kevin McCarthy

  1. And let’s remember here folks.. Lusi is a freakin illegal alien and has no right to be here taking a scholarship that belongs to an American citizen. McCarthy has nothing to do with his being here illegally. Luis can now take his new found skills back to Mexico and make Mexico great again. You can blame Obama for using an illegal, unconstitutional order to keep you here. MAGA !!!


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