Steinberg humiliated by Sacramento’s racist, sexist pay gap

Screenshot 2018-01-15 at 06.03.29.png

Women and ethnic minorities working for the city of Sacramento make far less on average than their white and male counterparts, a new audit shows.

The Sacramento Bee reports that white employees make an average of $19,000 more a year than minority workers, according to the report from City Auditor Jorge Oseguera. A gender pay gap also exists: male employees make an average of $20,000 a year more than women, both among management employees and rank-and-file staff.

A humiliated mayor Darrell Steinberg tried to downplay the issue, “On the one hand, I understand and agree that progress in many ways will be measured over the longer term and it will take time to see a significant uptick in these numbers, but that doesn’t take away from the need to have a real sense of urgency and to look at every major hiring opportunity as just that: an opportunity to improve these numbers.”

While 34 percent of city residents are white, that group makes up 54 percent of city workers and 59 percent of those in management positions.

So much for diversity.


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