Eeeeewwwww! Mendoza shopping for new interns

Screenshot 2018-01-16 at 11.22.35This is just creepy.

Sen. Tony Mendoza’s office continued to advertise for new interns after the Artesia Democrat agreed to temporarily step down as the California Senate investigates alleged misconduct toward three former employees, including an intern and a Sacramento State fellow according to the Sacramento Bee.

Mendoza agreed to take a leave of absence until the end of the month after his colleagues pressured him for several hours in a private caucus meeting on Jan. 3. The next day, an aide for Mendoza sent an email seeking winter and spring interns in his Cerritos district office to more than three dozen college professors and administrators.

The email said the internship would “put students on the front lines of local politics, immersing them into the world of council meetings, and learn in depth the official legislative process in Sacramento.” It did not mention the pending investigation or allegations against Mendoza.



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