Hating coal costs Oakland taxpayers billions

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The Bay Area, hates coal. So much, that according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Oakland city council is spending millions on attorneys fees to keep coal from being shipped from the port of Oakland

City Attorney Barbara Parker has spent nearly $1.4 million for outside attorneys to defend the city in a breach-of-contract lawsuit brought by developer Phil Tagami, who was prevented by the city from carrying out plans to move millions of tons of coal a year through a shipping terminal he wants to develop on the old Oakland Army Base.

The bills just keep on coming — the case hasn’t even gone to trial yet.

The fight dates back to 2013, when Tagami — a friend of and longtime fundraiser for Gov. Jerry Brown, a former Oakland mayor — won the city’s blessing to build a $250 million bulk cargo terminal on the old Army base.

Tagami secured a deal in 2015 to move up to 10 million tons of it annually through the terminal. The coal would be shipped by rail from Utah, loaded onto ships and sent off to Asia, making Oakland the top coal exporter on the West Coast.

A normal city would like this kind of thing. But not the Leftist running Oakland.

City Hall and environmental and social justice groups opposed both to Oakland having anything to do with coal.

Tagami refused to back down, saying the agreement he struck with the city did not include a prohibition on coal. So the City Council voted in July 2016 to outlaw any coal handling or storage within city limits.

Tagami sued, claiming breach of contract and city interference with interstate commerce.

City Hall has decided that the jobs, and the billions of dollars in long-term revenue the city stands to gain, are unimportant. It’s how Leftists roll.



One thought on “Hating coal costs Oakland taxpayers billions

  1. I hope Oakland gets its’s ass kicked and has to pay millions to the developer. Any city would love this.. thousands of jobs, , big bucks to the city coffers .. Unlebilveable… Marxist / Enviro politics trump fiscal security..
    .. REALLY !!!


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