SFPD forced to address body camera scam — expect the brutality to continue

Screenshot 2018-01-16 at 07.54.14.pngSan Francisco police officers under investigation for shooting and killing a suspect are currently allowed to view any video of the incident before speaking with the investigators who will decide whether to press charges against them.

The current policy helps them develop a cover story after they execute a citizen.

That could change under proposed amendments to the San Francisco Police Department’s body-worn camera policy from Police Chief Bill Scott. The San Francisco Examiner reports that Scott is seeking to protect the integrity of investigations into police shootings by entities like the District Attorney’s Office.

Integrity of investigations….in San Francisco….now that’s funny.

The Police Commission approved the body-worn camera policy in June 2016 after months of meet-and-confer with the San Francisco Police Officers Association. The policy allows officers to view body-camera footage after giving an initial statement but before being interviewed by investigators.

The latest proposal also strengthens the language requiring officers to turn on the devices during a range of incidents, including arrests, vehicle pursuits and shootings, or face potential discipline.

Enjoy your Police State.


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