#Marijuana retailer entices customers with free tacos

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 07.16.54This should drive “Liberty Loving” conservatives berserk. (Remember how they freaked-out about the state’s new “recreational marijuana is now legal ad”?)

Outside of Maywood’s first recreational marijuana dispensary, people stood in a long line that snaked along the building and into a parking lot, where it found the perfect prescription for a raging case of the munchies.

Free tacos.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the taco truck was just part of the fanfare to celebrate the opening of Cookies Los Angeles — and the dawn of legal recreational pot use in the small city in southeast L.A. County.

By noon, hundreds of people from all over Southern California had made the pilgrimage.

“I hope it betters our city,” Maywood resident Kent Villa said. “I hope it increases revenue and gives more job opportunities.”

Yeah right stoners. Nice try.


One thought on “#Marijuana retailer entices customers with free tacos

  1. great last sentence of the article.. It’s fine as long as they act responsibly,.. but NO .. getting high is like having a few drinks.. WILL cause more social problems as the adolescents in Kaly aren’t up and never have been accused of acting like adults.. Drug use will not produce jobs or bring in more cash.. IT’s a drug !!.


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