Politically correct California newspaper continue their #epicfail

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Politically correct news still doesn’t pay.

Southern California News Group, which includes newspapers such as the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Daily News, will be hit with “significant” layoffs in the coming months, the group’s management announced Friday in newsroom meetings that took place across five publications.

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 06.43.22Up north, the Bay Area News Group, which is owned by the same parent company, Digital First Media, and includes publications such as the Mercury News and East Bay Times, also informed staff on Friday that buyouts and “involuntary terminations” were on the way.

A spokesman for SCNG confirmed the layoffs in a statement sent to the Los Angeles Times on Monday. Bay Area News Group executive editor Neil Chase confirmed that the group is making cuts as revenue continues to decline.

Uninteresting content has resulted in devastating drops in advertising revenue and circulation.  Instead of addressing the problem, U.S. newspapers have cut editorial positions, consolidate publications and close bureaus. Some have gone from offering daily print editions to publishing only a few times a week.


One thought on “Politically correct California newspaper continue their #epicfail

  1. I personally stopped reading the Marin IJ and the San Fran Chronicle years ago.. and many others in the San Fran Bay Area, no longer read them.. Whats the point., They have become the propaganda arm of the democrat party and they focus on 5 issues. Pro-Abortion, Anti-2nd Amendment, Gay rights, helping government o pass more taxes and attack anyone that doesn’t agree with the PC agenda of the Kaly far left government. Go online and you can find news sites and articles that actually have news and not propaganda.


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