While fires, mudslides, devastate California, Legislators turn to banning straws

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 06.46.26You might think dealing with the aftermath of deadly fires and mudslides might be a priority for California legislators in Sacramento. You would be wrong.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Assemblyman Ian Calderon plans to introduce legislation this week that would prohibit sit-down restaurants in California from providing straws to customers unless they are requested. The measure would exclude fast-food restaurants.

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 06.58.03“How long have people know[n] that plastic is harmful to the environment? Still we all use it. This is a measured approach that helps change behavior,” Calderon wrote on Twitter.

Yeah, right. Plastic straws, a major problem like wildfires and earthquakes. Or the homeless, failing schools, unfunded pension liabilities, police brutality, mental illness, and terrorism. Got it Ian.



One thought on “While fires, mudslides, devastate California, Legislators turn to banning straws

  1. ONLY a demoRat moron would come up with this unbelievable idea when, as the article says, Kaly and is burning and the rain made one rich enclave unlivable. What I have a hard time wrapping my head around is the complete absence of Ole Jerry Brown on the fires and the devastating mudslides.. Jerry has not made any appearances in support of his fellow citizens that elected him.. I guess after blaming the fires on Global Warming and telling we voters to just get used to it, it’s the new norm. he crawled back into his hole and will come out in spring !!


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