California’s education mafia could care less that your kids don’t learn in school

Screenshot 2018-01-21 at 08.10.01According to the Sacramento Bee, California’s education failures continue to mount. The state has 6 million kids in its K-12 public school system, 60 percent of them are classified as either poor or English-learners and as a group they trail badly in educational accomplishment.

The state’s political leaders and education officials acknowledge what they call the “achievement gap” and say they are working to close it, mostly by appropriating more money for instruction.

However, they also have minimized it by adopting an accountability system, called “the dashboard,” for schools that makes academic achievement only one of several measures of their competency, and leaves improvement largely in the hands of local school officials.

Dozens of California school systems with some of the state’s worst test scores and biggest academic achievement gaps won’t get any extra help this year under a new support system launched recently by the state.

The dashboard is a scam by California’s education mafia to make things look better than they actually are.

Everyone knows there’s no reason why disadvantaged kids can’t learn, graduate from high school, go to college and otherwise become successful members of society.

It’s really all about money. Poor children aren’t profitable.



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