Clueless #Leftists cause government shutdown, then complain about it

Screenshot 2018-01-21 at 08.44.26This is some amazing stuff. Leftists force a shutdown of the federal government. They’ve stiffed our GI’s in the field, forced our national parks to close, and basically set off a damaging chain reaction that is reeking havoc on literally every government agency.

After that, they blamed President Trump for the whole stinking mess. It’s an amazing strategy perpetrated by people who apparently totally clueless.

The Los Angeles Times thinks that as a government shutdown entered its second day Sunday, Congress and President Trump were poised to face deepening criticism unless they made a deal to reopen the government before the workweek begins.

The Times has it wrong. The Leftists, whom they adore, face deepening criticism.

A rare weekend schedule continued on Capitol Hill, with voting possible, but negotiations over a possible stopgap measure appeared stalemated along partisan lines.

Democrats continue to hold our military hostage. They’re fine with spending your tax dollars on people who enter our country illegally, but apparently not so good with paying our troops.

It’s a mind-boggling political strategy. However good news for Republicans in Congress who are facing tough mid-term elections.

The Times continues to follow the Left’s Orwellian logic as it dutifully reports the “news” about the shutdown. Normal people will see it differently.


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