Elite media piles on…continues to defend #AzizAnsari… and attack his victim

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 07.01.47According to the Sacramento Bee, Aziz Ansari didn’t commit a crime. He wasn’t Harvey Weinstein, the now notorious film producer accused of terrorizing well-known actresses for decades. He wasn’t Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer or Tavis Smiley, who lost lucrative and lofty news media jobs after being accused of abusing their power to coerce female subordinates into sexual relationships.

What’s the worst one could say about Ansari’s conduct? The 34-year-old TV star was a cad for treating his date like a piece of meat during what he may have thought was a “hook up” between consenting adults? How many times has that happened in the history of dating? Commenters weighed in, wondering what did the young woman think was going to happen when she agreed to accompany a famous guy back to his place?

That’s essentially what Ashleigh Banfield said on CNN’s HLN last week, in a pretty harsh critique of Ansari’s victim. Caitlin Flanagan also emphasized this point in a hotly debated commentary in the Atlantic that quickly found its way to my timeline.

Yeah, right….he’s innocent. Sure he is.


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