San Francisco’s free community college program continues to show good results

Screenshot 2018-01-21 at 08.38.51.png

While spiteful Conservatives sit on the sidelines and continue to root for failure, San Francisco continues its experiment with free community college. It’s so far, so good.

The San Francisco Examiner reports that the new year is off to a solid start at City College of San Francisco, where instruction resumed on Monday and enrollment continued to rise as the college headed into its second semester of free tuition.

Preliminary enrollment data shows that City College began its first day of instruction with a student headcount of 26,065. That’s 4,559 more students than were enrolled in the spring semester of 2017, when there was a total of 21,506 students on the first day of classes.

State funding for community colleges is based on the calculation of full-time equivalent students at a school. With respect to the FTES formula, the college is seeing a 14.5 percent enrollment increase in resident FTES this semester, or 6,786 FTES, up from 5,924 in spring 2017.

“What’s clear is that ‘Free City’ really is continuing to gain momentum, and continuing to bring San Francisco residents back to City College,” CCSF Trustee Tom Temprano said Tuesday.

City College implemented the Free City program, which waives tuition for students living in San Francisco who have established residency in California or are eligible for non-resident exemption.

In 2016, San Francisco voters approved an increase in a real estate transfer tax on commercial and residential properties selling for $5 million or more, which provides funding for the program.

Hey, if voters want to pay for this, we say let them.


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