#Leftists shut down the federal government but clueless Patty is, well, clueless

Screenshot 2018-01-22 at 05.31.37Clueless Patty Kephart did the unthinkable this weekend.

She had to email the families of her 19 fourth-graders at the Bayshore School in Daly City and tell them that their field trip to Point Bonita Lighthouse at the Marin Headlands this week was canceled, and the park ranger they planned to host Tuesday would not show up.

“I feel awful. And mad,” Kephart said. “I blame Mitch McConnell,” the Senate majority leader from Kentucky. The government shutdown that began at 9 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Friday continues into today.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that clueless Patty has no idea that her Leftist heroes in Washington are to blame for the shutdown. Clueless Patty thinks it was Majority Leader McConnell.

The level of stupidity is, well, breathtaking.

Many federal operations have so far escaped a shutdown because they are considered essential to health and safety, or have remaining funding: the U.S. Postal Service, school lunches and federal courts, for example.

Clueless Patty just cares about what’s in her little bubble…so she’s parroting what the elite media wants her to say. Just as with her Leftist masters, she has little concern for reality.


One thought on “#Leftists shut down the federal government but clueless Patty is, well, clueless

  1. MAybe the Dear Leaders of the crumbling state should tell it’s drone voters that Chuckie did it and that 80% of the government runs on automatic… Only 20% is closed.. Most of us won’t even notice it and that proves how bloated the feds are.. Just like Kaly government…


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