Why America hates California

Screenshot 2017-12-13 at 08.06.51After sodden hillsides thundered into Montecito, obliterating scores of homes and killing nearly two dozen people, the elite media in California had one person to blame — President Trump.

The Los Angeles Times ruthlessly attacked a the White House statement, issued a day after local authorities effectively announced that no more survivors would be found, offering sympathy for the families involved and “prayers for those who remain missing.”

The time between the destructive slide and the President’s heartfelt condolences reflected the general chaos in California. It also symbolized the disconnect between California and a nation that has come to see the state’s leaders as petulant and irresponsible children having meltdown after meltdown.

California has taken up the role of thwarting the will of the federal government in a clash over state and national preeminence. The rest of America is unappreciative to say the least..



One thought on “Why America hates California

  1. Many of us look forward to seeing Jerry arrested along with Leon the Senate Leader under the federal statute that prohibits anyone from aiding Illegal aliens.


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