California politicians introduce legislation targeting natural disasters

Screenshot 2018-01-23 at 07.50.13.pngDozens of Californians lost their lives in wildfires and other natural disasters in recent months.

In response to the widespread emergencies, the Los Angeles Times reports that Gov. Jerry Brown and legislators want to change insurance rules, emergency alert systems and debris removal policies and spend more money on fire protection.

It’s a good call by lawmakers.

If passed, these new laws would add to the many protections already enshrined in state law for those who have experienced natural disasters, including substantial relief from property taxes.

State officials are warning residents should expect more natural disasters due to the effects of climate change.

“Sadly, what these communities and these members’ residents have experienced is now going to be far too common in California,” Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said last week at a news conference surrounded by state lawmakers. “We no longer have a fire season. We have year-round fire season.”

Well, at least they’re not blaming President Trump.



One thought on “California politicians introduce legislation targeting natural disasters

  1. Either it’s Trump or the hoax of global warming that they blame to cover up their asinine refusal to clean out debris of dead trees in forests so these disasters won’t happen.. yep blame Trump or global warming.. just not their lousy enviro policies


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