Brutal Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy still hasn’t been fired

Screenshot 2018-01-24 at 07.03.00.pngThe Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has completed an internal investigation into a deputy who was seen in a video declaring his intention to ignore a call about a shooting, but it has not determined if he will be punished for the incident, an official said.

The deputy, Jeremy Joseph Fennell, remains on paid leave pending a separate probe into allegations that he was violent with an ex-girlfiend.

The Los Angeles Times says Fennell, 27, was sitting in his patrol car in uniform when he recorded a video message to his ex-girlfriend, telling her he wanted her attention so badly that he would not respond to an incoming radio call about a possible gunshot victim.

After the woman published the video on YouTube last February, the department said an internal investigation into the incident was underway. The review was completed on Jan. 10, but a decision about whether to discipline Fennell has not been made.

Sheriff Jim McDonnell has previously said the deputy’s actions were disturbing and at odds with department values. However McDonnell obviously doesn’t see the need to move quickly to resolve the situation.

Expect this brutal psycho to stay on the job. It’s how the Police State rolls.


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