Rich white people in #LagunaBeach sue the #FAA

Screenshot 2018-01-24 at 07.25.33As if being rich, white, and on the beach wasn’t good enough for the residents of Laguan Beach, the Orange County Register reports that Laguna Beach city officials have reached an agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration that should keep low-altitude planes and their noise away from town.

The agreement with the FAA follows a lawsuit filed by the Laguna Beach City Council in 2016 challenging the accuracy and efficacy of the FAA’s environmental assessment of a proposal to reroute flights at John Wayne and 20 other Southern California airports.

Departure procedures at John Wayne now will call for aircraft to cross the coast south of Laguna Beach where they must be at an altitude of more than 10,000 feet, thereby decreasing noise impact. Planes that follow the flight path must have the appropriate equipment and pilots the necessary training.

The city and the FAA also agreed to cooperate on possible modifications to the commercial jet approach to JWA during Santa Ana wind conditions — when flight patterns are altered — so that Laguna Beach residents experience as little noise as possible. A consultant is expected to begin working on these modifications next month.

Michele Monda, who for two years has been battling the FAA over these issues, said Tuesday’s announcement may have eased the burden for most of Laguna but doesn’t help her or her neighbors in South Laguna.

Rich white people don’t like being disturbed.


2 thoughts on “Rich white people in #LagunaBeach sue the #FAA

  1. What kind of hater wrote this article? Good for Laguna Beach! A community got together and protested smog and noise pollution and accomplished something….and you are mad, why?


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