Will Governor Brown allow feckless #UC regents to jack up tuition again?

Screenshot 2018-01-24 at 07.09.57Greedy University of California regents face a showdown with Gov. Jerry Brown as they prepare to vote on a plan to raise tuition and student services fees for the next academic year.

The Los Angeles Times says the proposed increase would amount to 2.7% — or $342 for state students.

Brown opposes any increase, though his 2018-19 budget proposal would give the 10-campus public research university system $34 million less than UC officials expected. In recent years, he has increased UC’s base budget by 4%. This year he is suggesting 3%.

He recently said UC officials must live within their means, cut costs and “more creatively engage in the process of making education more affordable.”

Feckless George Kieffer, chairman of the UC Board of Regents, said the governor’s proposed funding would not even keep up with inflation. He said in an interview that UC will need to raise more money to protect the university’s vaunted quality while it continues to find ways to cut costs.

If regents vote to increase tuition despite Brown’s opposition, the governor could reduce UC’s state funding when he revises his budget plan in May.


One thought on “Will Governor Brown allow feckless #UC regents to jack up tuition again?

  1. The criminal Janet Napolitano is the culprit and should have been canned and prosecuted last years for obstructing a probe & inquiry of her office and practices.


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