#GovernorBrown pushes #deltatunnels and #highspeedrail in final #SOTS speech

Screenshot 2018-01-26 at 09.29.36.pngDespite a pathological obsession with global warming and a white-hot hatred of President Trump, California has prospered over the years despite hapless Republican critics’ warnings of doom and financial collapse.

Gov. Jerry Brown, arguing in his final State of the State speech, defended his embattled high-speed rail and delta tunnel plans which will hopefully emerge as successful projects that greatly benefit the public.

In a wide-ranging speech, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the 79-year-old governor passionately argued for the unpopular undertakings, saying any big project has setbacks.

Brown told lawmakers at the Capitol that governments have to do what individuals can’t, such as building big infrastructure projects. He reminded lawmakers that often, in these big projects, like the building of the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge — costs escalate — but that this should not deter the state from being bold and moving ahead. Those projects, he said, ultimately serve a public need.

Like with his previous 15 State of the State speeches, Brown highlighted education and criminal justice reform. He touted his Local Control Funding Formula, which gives more money to school districts with low-income, foster and English learner students.

Brown also urged lawmakers to look at the state’s criminal justice system — with its growing prison budget and massive penal code provisions.


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