Over the years, #white #elite #Leftists have done nothing to help #California’s #Latinos

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Face it, the people who run California are just racist jerks.

Hollow words about immigration issues dominated a gubernatorial debate focusing on issues affecting the state’s Latinos.

Univision anchors Jorge Ramos and Ilia Calderón moderated the debate asking the six gubernatorial candidates, only one who is Latino, about deportations, farm workers, sanctuary cities, health and education.

Democrats Antonio Villaraigosa, Delaine Eastin, Gavin Newsom and John Chiang; and Republicans John H. Cox and Travis Allen participated in the debate at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

The first question of the debate came from two youths asking about deportations.

Chiang, the state’s treasurer, spoke of his family’s immigrant roots and got the biggest cheer during the first round of questions, saying of Trump: “I think we ought to deport him.”

“I want to make sure we keep our families intact,” he said.

Yet so far, in all his years in office, Chiang has done nothing to help Latinos.

The white elite’s favorite, Gavin Newsom, lieutenant governor and former mayor of San Francisco, often touted the sanctuary status of his city and said he would “commit strongly” to push back against the Trump agenda.

San Francisco police meanwhile continue to brutalize Latinos.

The Republicans offered nothing but racist gibberish.

Antonio Villaraigosa, former mayor of Los Angeles, at times switched from English to Spanish and said he has made a living out of standing up for immigrants.

Eastin received rousing applause from the crowd when she referred to Trump as the “orange-haired misogynist rapist.” Nice, but everyone knows she’s done nothing to help Latinos either.


One thought on “Over the years, #white #elite #Leftists have done nothing to help #California’s #Latinos

  1. Chiang, the state’s treasurer- Deport Trump / Gavin-to push back against the Trump agenda.

    Then why wasn’t there a question on WHY … CHUCKIE has done nothing to help the ” Dreamers” and was ROLLED by Trump on the shutdown.. With ALL the major issues getting worse in Kaly, all these poltroons can do is hack on Trump when Jerry has decimated the state and impoverished the poorest of the poor, taxed the middle class out of the state and his freakin pensions are collapsing and they hack on Trump. That’s it ?? .. that’s the best the demoRat Party has to offer to solve the issues.. Folks, just boycott the election. NONE of the demoRats are capable of doing anything except using Trump to get their illegal alien base stirred up to vote. What an embarrassing grp of wanna be’s .. No wonder the state is circling the drain.


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